Free Confluence Risk Assessment

Scan your Confluence workspace for sensitive data, and generate a report outlining your key data security risks.

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Get your Risk Score

Identify High Risk Content & Users

Actionable, Risk Ranked Insights

See how your sensitive data risk compares to your peer group and industry. Discuss security best practices with our Solutions Engineering team.

Find out where the pockets of risk exist within your organization and see which users may benefit from coaching and training security best practices.

Unlike traditional risk assessments, we'll help rank findings by severity and recommend specific actions so you can begin to remediate risk.


Why do I need a risk assessment?

Your organization stores high volumes of business-critical information in Confluence. It contains a wide variety of collaborative unstructured data, including images and documents. These files likely contain sensitive personal and business data such as customer PII, secrets, and credentials. This can pose security risk like data leakage and compliance risks around PCI, HIPAA, and more. The risk assessment is a first step to gaining visibility into the amount of sensitive data housed in Confluence.

How do I get my Risk Assessment Report?

Fill out the form above to schedule a meeting with our Solutions Engineering team. During the meeting, our team will review with you what types of sensitive data you are looking for and configure your connection between Confluence and Nightfall. The setup process takes only a few minutes. Nightfall will run the scan over your entire Confluence workspace, including files/attachments. Once the scan is complete, you will receive an Actionable Risk Assessment that contains details of the sensitive data discovered. The scan is read-only. Nightfall does not retain your scanned data.

What does the report look like?

It will detail the types of sensitive data discovered, the highest risk users, and other key insights. The report also outlines a list of the highest severity findings and recommended action steps to allow you to prioritize what insights to take action on.

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