Scan your GitHub repos for credentials & secrets. 

Nightfall Radar automatically detects credentials & secrets, like API keys, in GitHub repos via machine learning - ensuring your sensitive data is kept safe.


Integrates in seconds via a GitHub marketplace app.

Scan your entire GitHub organization automatically, or specific repos. Scan every repo's full commit history.

Automatically detect 200+ types of credentials & secrets, like API keys, certificates, tokens, and more.

High accuracy detection via deep learning that produces better quality results than traditional methods.

Share results across your team, export easily, and do everything in the platform via our REST API.

Designed for GitHub

With Nightfall Radar, you'll be reviewing results in minutes, without the overhead of installation, configuration, and alert fatigue of traditional approaches.

Integrate in seconds.


Nightfall integrates with your GitHub account as an approved GitHub app in one click. No agents to download, containers to run, or software to install.

Deep-learning based detectors go well beyond regexes, entropy, and search strings so you can make sense of your data without the alert fatigue. Ignore specific tokens or file paths for further tuning.

Best in class accuracy.


Automate & collaborate.


Scan all of the repos in your GitHub organization on-demand, or on a scheduled basis. Share scan results across your team, and bulk export in one click.

Easily run scans and retrieve results via our REST API, or via our platform. Send results to a webhook, SIEM, ticketing system, and more.

For developers, by developers.


Enterprise-grade security to keep your data safe


1. Nightfall does not store or track your credentials & secrets. 2. TLS and AES256 encryption. 3. Fully hosted via Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

Michael Supon
CISO, Galileo Health

Nightfall’s ease of setup and accuracy of identified data are both on point. Nightfall has eased our collective mind.

Anton Chuppin

IT Manager, Calgary Public Library

Nightfall was the quickest and easiest way for us to guarantee we are not committing any passwords, API keys, or other sensitive information to our GitHub repositories.


5 Scans

Scan commit history of any public or private GitHub repos:

  • One connected GitHub account
  • Scan unlimited commits for 200+ detectors of credentials & secrets
  • Review unlimited results across 5 scans
  • Scan via dashboard or REST API  
  • Scan public or private repositories
  • Allow list to filter specific tokens, files & paths
  • Access data via Dashboard, REST API, Webhook
  • Email support & help center




* per user per month, billed annually. 

All features from Free Tier plus:

  • Run unlimited scans
  • Accounts for your entire team
  • Scan all repos in your GitHub organization
  • Schedule scans via automated workflows
  • Share and export results
  • Dedicated support & live chat

What's in your GitHub repos?


Try Nightfall Radar now. You'll get 5 scans for free. No credit card required. You'll be looking at results in two minutes or less.

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