Data security built for Google Drive.

Nightfall allows you to detect sensitive data & create flexible policies to protect it on any Google Workspace plan, ensuring your data is safe in Google Drive.


Designed for Drive

With Nightfall DLP for Google Drive, detect sensitive data stored in Drive and get the context you need in order to easily investigate and remediate violations, without the overhead of installation, configuration, and alert fatigue of traditional approaches.

Integrate Google Drive in minutes to scan your Drives.

Scan all or specific files that exist; 100+ files types including Google proprietary file types.

Automatically scan 150+ types of PII, PHI, PCI, credentials & secrets, and more with machine-learning trained detectors.

Create custom detectors & detection rules.

Create custom policies based on files, folders, users, and permissions to focus on violations of interest.

Detect unstructured data in files like images with machine-learning based OCR.

Support for all Google Workspace plans.


Integrate in minutes.

Nightfall integrates with your Google Workspace account in a few clicks. No agents to download, containers to run, or software to install.


Audit file accessibility.

Scan files based on their accessibility both within and outside your organization, and have visibility into which files are shared improperly.


Inspect all existing files.

Specify scans for files based on permissions settings and review scan results with rich context to quickly investigate and remediate.


Monitor sharing activity.

Enforce granular policies to ensure sensitive data is only shared in compliance with your data policies. Focus on specific Drives, folders, users, and permission settings to remediate faster.


Enterprise-grade security to keep your data safe

1. Nightfall does not store or track your credentials & secrets. 2. TLS and AES256 encryption. 3. Fully hosted via Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.




* per user per month, billed annually. 

For all Drives on any Google Workspace plan

  • Scan all existing data and create custom policies based on Drives, folders, users, and permissions
  • 100+ file types supported including Google proprietary file types and OCR
  • 150+ sensitive data detectors
  • Custom detectors & detection rules
  • Detection engine to create rules & tune accuracy
  • Data export
  • Dedicated customer success manager

What's in your Google Drive files & folders?

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