Data security built for Google Drive.

Nightfall instantly scans and audits file sharing & permissions in Google Drive, ensuring your sensitive data is safe and in the right hands.


Integrates in seconds via a Google Suite marketplace app.

Get visibility into permissions settings across all content in your G Suite organization automatically.

Monitor high-risk sharing activity across users, groups, and drives, including public & semi-public sharing.

Identify who can access content outside your organization, and what content they can access.

Visualize, monitor results, and review content from the Nightfall platform.

Designed for Drive

With Nightfall, you'll be reviewing scan results in minutes, without the overhead of installation, configuration, and alert fatigue of traditional approaches.

Integrate in seconds.


Nightfall integrates with your G Suite account as a G Suite app in a few clicks. No agents to download, containers to run, or software to install.

Categorize files based on their accessibility both within and outside your organization, and see their granular permissions.

Audit file accessibility.


Inspect files in real-time.


Open and inspect files in one click, so you have the full context and can see what others can see. Modify sharing settings directly on the file.

Identify high-risk users & groups, both internally and externally that may be over-sharing or accessing sensitive content in Google Drive.

Monitor sharing activity.


Enterprise-grade security to keep your data safe


1. Nightfall does not store or track your credentials & secrets. 2. TLS and AES256 encryption. 3. Fully hosted via Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

Who can access your G Drive files & folders?


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